The Cannes Job Hunt

The hardest part with graduating is to get a job, and to reach the right people using emails we find on agency websites seems nearly impossible. But with the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity coming up we were thinking we had an opportunity to get seen by advertising execs. 

We couldn't afford to actually go to Cannes. So we created a series of sponsored Facebook ads to get our portfolios in front of some of the industry’s biggest names. The ads were geo-targeted to run in Cannes, so only people in the area were able to see them. We also filtered it to specifically target people working in advertising or related fields.

Our targeted ads in Cannes reached over 6000 festival visitors. We made front page on Adweek which resulted in a huge buzz and in total we got over 2000 visitors each on our portfolios.

And yeah, in total we spent 120 dollars.

A project with Kristina Samsonova.

To make sure we reached the right people we specifically targeted people in the industry.

We ran a variety of ads in the campaign.